SIM Check on CNIC

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SIM Check on CNIC – How To Check Sim On CNIC


Are you searching for SIM Check on CNIC in Pakistan? In 2000, mobile phones became a standard feature for Pakistani citizens. In the years that followed, the number of subscribers to cellular phones increased due to lower prices and easier access for the general population.

SIM Check on CNIC

This led to the misuse of purposeful technology. Unregistered SIMs were quickly linked to many illegal activities and terrorist attacks.

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SIM Information System (SIS)

PTA created an advanced SIM Information System (SIM Information System) in 2009 to address these issues. This system kept a digital record of SIM subscribers to allow users to check the number and validity of SIMs they have received against their CNIC.

Continue reading if you don’t know how many SIM cards were issued against your CNIC or if you want to verify or block one of them.

What is the maximum number of SIMs registered to a single CNIC?

It is important that you understand the limits on how many SIM cards one can have against their CNIC. According to the PTA regulations, an individual may have no more than 5 SIM cards issued under their name at one time.

You can only get 5 SIM cards from your CNIC if you have registered five SIM cards.

How do I check the number of active SIMs issued against my CNIC?

You must know the details of active SIM cards linked to your CNIC.

Two simple ways to do this are:

SIM Check on CNIC by Using Website:

  • To check the number of SIM cards issued and active against your name, go to the PTA SIM Information Website.
  • This link will open a new webpage asking you to enter your personal information.
  • In the following field, enter your CNIC number.
  • Check the box to confirm that you aren’t a robot and hit ‘Submit“.
  • A tabular list of registered SIMs for that CNIC will be displayed to you.
  • Operator-wise, the number of SIMs will vary. The table will also show how many SIMs you registered to your CNIC.

SIM Check on CNIC By SMS:

Here is a quick guide about SIM Check on CNIC. You find out how many SIMs have been registered against your CNIC via SMS:

  • Open the text messaging application on your smartphone.
  • Enter your CNIC number with no hyphens
  • Send this message once you have completed the process to 668.
  • Soon, you will receive a text message with a response containing the number of SIM cards for each operator that has been issued to your CNIC.
  • For each SMS sent to 668, you will be charged PKR 2 plus Tax.

You must contact the Customer Service Centre at the Company Operator if you discover that there are more SIMs issued to your CNIC than you currently have.

How do I get my SIM card’s biometric authentication?

You will need to confirm that PTA recognizes the SIM card you have registered to ensure it does not become blocked. Before you can get a biometrically verified SIM card, make sure that the SIM card has not been registered under your name.

How do you block a SIM card that is registered against your CNIC

It is better to block any mobile SIM you don’t use, so you can get rid of it. Here’s how to do it:

  • Find the nearest franchise office or customer support centre for the relevant cell company.
  • Your original CNIC will need to be shown, and a form will be completed that will instantly block your number.

Remember that illegal SIM cards can be a crime. To avoid being arrested for criminal activity, it is important to immediately resolve unregistered SIM cards or SIM cards in someone else’s name.

What is SIM Cloning? And why should you care about it?

SIM Check on CNIC SIM Cloning is cloning a SIM card by moving its identifying information onto another. The separate SIM card can then be used by another person using a different cell phone while still having all data and the charges associated with the original SIM card.

SIM cloning is an effective way for criminals to make illegal calls and pursue criminal activities using another person’s identity. To block an illegally functioning SIM card, notify the relevant cellular company immediately if you receive a call from your phone number.

How do I check the SIM owner’s name?

These are the steps to follow to find the SIM owner’s name:

  • Open the text messaging application on your phone.
  • Send a message in a blank format to 667.
  • Soon you will receive a reply text message containing the SIM owner’s name.

PTA Biometric Verification Systems:

PTA Biometric Verification Systems, also known as BVS, is a significant step in ensuring the safety of cell subscribers and putting an end to illegal mobile phone connection use. This system allows you to:

  • Obtain a duplicate SIM
  • Buy or activate a new SIM card
  • Modify the owner of a SIM Card that was previously registered under another’s CNIC
  • Verify your SIM card again
  • Problems with mobile number portability solved


So, in this article, we have covered many topics regarding SIM checks on CNIC. We also answered questions that were very important for users using SIM on their mobile.

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