How to Check Ufone Number

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How to Check Ufone Number

Many people use Ufone SIM on their mobile, but they don’t know how to check Ufone number. So, before going to our main topic, we will tell you about the Ufone company.

How to Check Ufone Number

Something About Ufone

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) began its cellular operations under the brand name Ufone’ in January 2001. After PTCL was privatized in 2006, Ufone joined the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation Group (Etisalat) and continued to serve customers enthusiastically.

Ufone was founded to provide Pakistani citizens with the best communication options and services. It allows them to be more involved in their daily lives. Ufone is dedicated to offering superior voice and data services at affordable tariffs that don’t include hidden fees.

Ufone promises customers that it will always be ahead of its competitors, evolving and developing to exceed their expectations. Ufone’s high-speed 4G connectivity provides greater enablement for Ufone subscribers and supports the Government of Pakistan’s vision of a Digital Pakistan.

Ufone is committed to fostering digital inclusion by providing affordable, high-quality internet and cellular services across Pakistan to all Pakistanis. It includes those who live far from the country’s socio-economic and geographic borders.

UPaisa, Ufone’s digital financial service platform, is expanding financial services to areas that do not have essential banking services. The company also has a digital financial ecosystem that offers a variety of digital products and services that provide greater ease and accessibility to all sections of society and opens up opportunities for socioeconomic growth.

Ufone’s strong customer centricity and digital innovation, as well as the delivery of quality services, has helped to build a subscriber base exceeding 24 million in a little over a decade.

Ufone has strong network coverage across all major cities, rural areas, and all major highways. Ufone offers international roaming services to over 300 operators in more than 130 countries.

Ufone is always innovating and optimizing products and services to meet customers’ changing needs. This core business model remains the foundation of Ufone, which is also reflected in Ufone’s slogan.

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Proper Methods About How to Check Ufone Number

So, How to Check Ufone Number? Here are some methods to check your Ufone number.

1st method

  • First of all, open your dial pad from your mobile.
  • Now, dial *780*3# from your mobile phone.
  • Instantly, your contact number will be displayed on your screen.

Remember: You will not be charged for this service.

2nd method

  • Dial *1# from your mobile phone’s dialer
  • You will see the contact number on your screen.

Note: Remember that this method does not have any service fees.

3rd method

  • Navigate to the messaging app on your phone.
  • Send it to 667 by entering MNP in your message body
  • Within a few moments, you will receive an email with information about your Ufone number. It includes the activation date and Sim owner.

Remember: For using this service, you will need to have credit on your mobile phone to use this service. The service provider will send you an error message if you don’t.

4th method

Ufone customers may also call the helpline to verify all details about their Sim number. To reach Ufone’s helpline, you must dial 333 from your phone. Follow the operator’s instructions carefully and give all details requested.

If the number has been registered under your CNIC, the operator will provide all details, such as Sim owner, mobile number, activation date, etc.

5th method

If you want to check your Ufone number, then you can call any mobile number to check your Ufone number.

Remember: You must have some balance to call anyone to check your Ufone number.


So, here in this article, we have shared five practical methods for checking Ufone Numbers. These are all easy methods. Anyone can use any way to find his Ufone number very quickly.

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