An Overview of Islamabad and Islamabad Postal Code

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An Overview of Islamabad and Islamabad Postal Code


An Overview of Islamabad and Islamabad Postal Code Did you know the Islamabad Postal Code? If no, then you have to just read the full article to know all about the Sialkot city and Postal Code of Islamabad or Islamabad Zip Code.

An Overview of Islamabad and Islamabad Postal Code

Introduction to Islamabad City

Islamabad is the biggest city of Pakistan, administrated by the Pakistani government as part of its Islamabad Capital Territory. It is undoubtedly Pakistan’s largest city, with a population of over 4.1 million people. In comparison, the greater Islamabad Metropolitan area is now the third-most populous area in the country, with a population of around 5.2 million people.

The densely populated areas and the great tourism potential have made it an important tourist destination and a major international airport. It is an international airport with two international terminals catering to the needs of passengers from across the world. All international flights to Islamabad are generally held at this airport.

When you are looking for a place to stay in Islamabad, the best place to start your search is with its many exciting attractions. Islamabad is an ideal city to live in for any traveler, with all its different experiences and adventures. It also provides easy access to the fantastic Gulmarg and Herat destinations, which are well-known among adventure enthusiasts. Islamabad is a key tourism hub in South Asia, so you will have easy access to the many famous and popular destination cities that form an integral part of South Asia.

The International Terrorism Act banned almost all non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from operating in Pakistan, except those designated by the Pakistan government and the Supreme Court. As a result, most of the NGOs were forced to leave the country, with many relocating to Islamabad to continue their work. Consequently, those living in Islamabad have a difficult time getting to their destinations outside the city due to the inability to get a suitable Islamabad post office.

Fortunately for such people, the situation has changed recently, as the federal government has granted permission to various organizations to operate businesses in Pakistan without violating the law. Previously, the only way to identify these businesses was through the use of an Islamabad post office.

However, as you now know, there is now a convenient alternative to using a post office to access your favorite online shopping website or to get in touch with your friendly neighborhood Pakistani taxi driver.

Online Booking System

This solution is provided by the new services known as “online booking systems” (opus). These services use Islamabad sates-based postal codes to access various websites and online booking facilities.


Instead of using your Islamabad state-based postal code, users are required to enter the website’s pin code. The benefits of this system are as follows:

  • A business can now establish a presence on the web without being restricted by the use of its Islamabad postal code. For example, a clothing shop in Islamabad can establish a presence on the internet by using a client’s city-based pin code.

Once the user enters the pin code, a list of shops related to that name will be generated. Users can then select and order from the list. Hence, customers can conveniently look for a store offering them the product they need right from the comfort of their homes.

  • Another advantage of using a post office name other than Islamabad state-based is that it reduces the chances of duplication of documents or charges for services. For example, if a resident of Rawalpindi orders a chicken from Quetta, the total cost will be different because Rawalpindi has a higher tax rate.

It is possible, though unlikely that the resident may then buy that same chicken from another seller in Islamabad at a lower price. Even though the prices are different, the transaction will still be under the purview of Islamabad tax laws. Therefore, a resident will have full control of his financial transactions in terms of taxes and exchange rates even after making use of a post office name other than his actual residence.

So, when looking for a destination for your courier services, the first thing to do is to ensure that your clients will have easy access to an alternate address in Islamabad or Quetta. That means you should consider both the prices and delivery times of the various competitors.

If you happen to know anyone who has used courier services to get goods to Rawalpindi or Quetta, you should ask them about the experiences they had. Alternatively, you could check out the official website of the Post Office of Islamabad or the Pakistan Post Office for detailed information on the prices and delivery time of all their post office services

Postal Code of Islamabad

Many people search about this query “Islamabad Postal Code“, “Islamabad Zip Code“, and “Postal Code of Islamabad” on Google to find the Postal Code of Islamabad. So here we are sharing Islamabad Postal Code which is given below.

Islamabad Postal Code Information

 Area Name Postal Code Name State Name
Ali Pur Frash 45600 Islamabad Federal Capital
Bagnial 45240 Islamabad Federal Capital
Bara Kau 45400 Islamabad Federal Capital
Chirah 45680 Islamabad Federal Capital
Golra 45200 Islamabad Federal Capital
Herdogher 45800 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad Aiwan-E-Saddar 44040 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad Allama Iqbal Open University 44310 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad B-Block Pak Sectt. 44020 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad Cabinet Block 44030 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad E-9 (Air Hq) 44230 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad F-7 Markaz 44210 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad F-8 Markaz 44220 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad Federal Board 44320 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad G.P.O 44000 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad G-10 Markaz 44100 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad G-5 Foreign Office 44050 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad G-8/Markaz 44080 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad G-9/Markaz 44090 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad Hajj Complex 45210 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad I-10/Markaz 44800 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad I-8/4 44790 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad National Health Laboratiories 45500 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad Primr Minister Sectt. 44010 Islamabad Federal Capital
Islamabad Quiaid-E-Azam University 45320 Islamabad Federal Capital
Kuri 45570 Islamabad Federal Capital
Lohi Bher 45710 Islamabad Federal Capital
Mara Jaffar 45250 Islamabad Federal Capital
Model Town Humak 45700 Islamabad Federal Capital
Nilore 45650 Islamabad Federal Capital
Noorpur Shahan 45300 Islamabad Federal Capital
Pakistan Town (Korang Town) 45720 Islamabad Federal Capital
Rawal Town 45510 Islamabad Federal Capital
Rewat 45900 Islamabad Federal Capital
Shah Allah Ditta 45220 Islamabad Federal Capital
Sihala 45750 Islamabad Federal Capital
Sohan 45740 Islamabad Federal Capital
Tarlai Kalan 45550 Islamabad Federal Capital
Tarnol 45230 Islamabad Federal Capital



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