Peshawar Postal Code

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Finding Your Way in Peshawar with Peshawar Postal Code Information – Peshawar Postal Code/ Zip Code List


Did you know the Peshawar Postal Code ? If no, then you have to just read the full article to know all about the Peshawar city and Postal Code of Peshawar or Peshawar Zip Code.

Peshawar Postal Code

Introduction to Peshawar City

Peshawar is the fifth largest city in Pakistan and is located in the upper reaches of the country’s northern region. It is also known as a paradise for the art and culture buffs. This city has been named after a famous Piri Reza, the legendary Mughal King. However, it is also a shopping mecca, with street after street lined with boutiques selling everything from designer labels to knickknacks.

Glorious and Picturesque Old City

The first and foremost important part of the city’s appeal lies in its glorious and picturesque Old City. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site with over a hundred historic buildings and mosques. The Chorangam Gardens is a major tourist attraction and are home to some of the finest orchids in Pakistan. All in all, if you are looking for an ideal destination where to shop for souvenirs, Peshawar Post Office is your number one choice.

The Peshawar name actually comes from Rawal Lake, situated in the middle of the Chorangam area. Located on the banks of the Ghaziabad river, the lake has been a popular place for local traders for centuries.

When Rawal Lake was discovered, the area became known as Kharadi Ghat. It is here that the postal codes for this city are assigned. So, it is easy for residents of Pakistan to identify the various establishments located here by simply remembering their respective Peshawar Postal Code.

Services at Peshawar Post Office

The post office in Peshawar offers many services to its customers. Most of them are located in its main building, located at Anjgar Nagar. The storeroom, known as the Anjgar Nagar Plaza, is open seven days a week.

The location of the storeroom is strategically located near most commercial and residential areas in the city. Its proximity to many places such as educational institutes, hospitals, and government offices makes it an ideal location for people passing by your house. The postal code for the Anjgar Nagar Plaza is 4150qq.

Next on the list is the Hayatabad Post Office, which also has its main facility inside the Anjgar Nagar Plaza. This place is perfect for anyone who is interested in purchasing or receiving something from the Pakistan Post Office. Locating the correct Postal Code of Peshawar for this area is relatively easy because the location is always in the center of the city.

Faisalabad and Lahore are the next two places from Peshawar that you should visit when you are in the country. Both of these locations are in the center of Pakistan city.

You can reach both of these places by traveling across the different cities of Pakistan. The postal code for Faisalabad is 3920qq, and the one for Lahore is 4030qq. The postal codes for both of these cities are not that difficult to find since they are situated near each other.

Find the Right Place to Stay

Once you have found the right place to stay, you should learn all about the different things that come under the category of items for sale in Pakistan. When you are starting to settle down here, it is not a bad idea to take a look at some of the items for sale from all over the country so that you get a better understanding of the prices in Pakistan.

You will see that the prices differ from town to town and from region to region. If you want to shop online, you should try shopping in Islamabad first since the prices in Islamabad are comparatively cheaper than in any other town in the country. You can also compare the prices in different places around Pakistan before you shop in Islamabad so that you can ensure that you are getting the best deal in the city.

After you have found the best place to live, you should be familiar with all of the places near you through Google Maps. You will also have to contact the local police or the armed forces so that you are aware of the security in the area where you intend to stay

You can contact the GPO (General Post Office) in Peshawar through the CPF (GPO) or postal code information area named postal code. All of these methods will help ensure that you are buying stuff from a safe location.

Postal Code of Peshawar:

Many people search about this query “Peshawar Postal Code“, “Peshawar Zip Code“, and “Postal Code of Peshawar” on Google to find the Postal Code of Peshawar. So here we are sharing Peshawar Postal Code which is given below.

Peshawar Postal Code/Zip Code List:

 Area Name Postal Code
Badbher 24840
Badhber Paf Camp 24830
Bara Fort 24800
Chamkani 24350
Daud Zai 24400
Hayatabad  (Phase-I) 25100
Hayatabad Phase-Ii 25124
Jamrud 24730
Landi Arbab 25220
Landi Kotal 24740
Mashoo Khel 24810
Mathani 24850
Musa Zai 24360
Nasir Bagh 24700
Pak Forest Institute Peshawar 25130
Pakha Ghulam 24370
Pawaka 24820
Peshawar C.T. Training School 25160
Peshawar Education Board 25110
Peshawar Gpo 25000
Peshawar Industrial Estate 24720
Peshawar Poly Technical College 25210
Peshawar University 25120
Regi 24710
Sakhi Chashma 25170
Sar Band 25230
Sherkira 24860
Tehkal Bala 25140
Tehkal Payan 25150
Warsak Colony 24680
Yaka Toot 25200


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