How to Find a Karachi Postal Code?

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How to Find a Karachi Postal Code? Karachi Postal Code/Zip Code List


In this article, you will learn all about Karachi City, and how to find a Karachi Postal Code? or Karachi Zip Code.

How to Find a Karachi Postal Code?

Introduction to Karachi City

Karachi is Pakistan’s largest city and the second-most populous city in the country. It’s the administrative capital of the Pakistani province of Sindh. Rated as a progressive beta-Global city, it’s Pakistan’s leading economic and commercial center, with an annual GDP of over $ 164 billion as of today.

As a result of these facts, Karachi is an extremely crucial place in transport and communication. The article below talks about how to get into and around the city using different means.

How to Reach Karachi City?

The easiest way to get to and from Karachi is by using either road or rail. However, people living in the area prefer to use the latter means of traveling because all you need to do is search for a good railway or road connection.

However, searching for a proper road connection can prove to be quite a task because there are many areas where connectivity gets broken down in this part of Pakistan due to security and other reasons. So, here’s a complete list of various means of getting access to your home town utilizing rail or road.


To get to Karachi through rail, the best way is to travel to Pakistan’s major cities like Islamabad, Karachi, and Quetta. There are two major rail stations in South Asia, located in Karachi and Lahore.

You can travel by air to Karachi or by road to other important cities in the area from these stations. So, this is a complete list of all airports that are located in the vicinity of Karachi. In addition to that, there are several train stations as well which are offering rail services to the passengers.


One of the best ways to get to Pakistan’s largest city by road is to travel via Chabahar and Peshawar. These are two major cities in the area, and various highways and motorist roads connect them. So, once you arrive in Chabahar, a small railway station is the first stop that will take you to the Pakistan International Airline. From here, you can travel to various destinations, including Islamabad and Karachi.

From here, traveling via road becomes more convenient and easier. So, this is a complete list of all motorist roads and highways found in and around the area of Karachi.

Name postal code:

For residents of Karachi and residents of the cities of Pakistan, there is one common thing, i.e. a postal name code. All residents of Pakistan have a certain postal address, i.e. their home address, and also a zip code which can be obtained from their national phone directory.

For instance, if a resident of Rawal town had his street number printed on his great mail, he could contact KPMS (Karachi Post Office) for that address and also contact him via the internet for any other information. Karachi zip code and postal address are separately allocated by the government of Pakistan. Hence, residents have their own postal address with their own zip code. Contacting them is very easy, as mentioned above.

But, whenever you want to find out the same telephonically or by mailing, it becomes a little tough as various departments of different government departments in Pakistan do not maintain their records online. Getting a name from a Karachi airport can become even more difficult as different zones within the city do not use the same postal code area code. Zone one is the residential zone, and all the residents of that area use a different post office.

Zone two is the commercial/commerce zone, and all the residents of that zone use a separate post office which is located in zone three. Zone four is the industrial/office zone, and all the residents of that area use a different post office which is located in zonal five. Zonal six is reserved for official use only, and all the residents use a post office which is located in zonal seven. So, getting information about a Karachi postal code area zip code can be difficult if you do not know the codes of all the zones.

By making use of the internet, you can easily get information about all the zones and then log in to any website that has the database of all the post offices of Pakistan. You can get the details of a Karachi postal code through the website by providing your name, email, and contact details. It will also ask you for your street name, and you can provide the same.

Once this information is provided, a list of all the homes with the corresponding postal codes will be displayed, and after clicking on a few choices, you can get your desired information.

Postal Code of Karachi:

Many people search about this query “Karachi Postal Code“, “Karachi Zip Code“, and “Postal Code of Karachi” on Google to find the Postal Code of Karachi. So here we are sharing Karachi Postal Code which is given below.

Postal Code of Karachi or Zip Code List:

Area Name Postal Code Gpo Name
Buffer Zone (Kp-1979) 75850 Alhydri Gpo
Alhydri Gpo 74700 Alhydri Gpo
Baldia Town 75760 Alhydri Gpo
Karachi Board Of Secondary Education 75990 Alhydri Gpo
Karachi I.T.E 75700 Alhydri Gpo
Liaqatabad 75900 Alhydri Gpo
Manghopir 75890 Alhydri Gpo
Metroville 75840 Alhydri Gpo
Nazimabad 74600 Alhydri Gpo
Karachi P.N.A.D. 75790 Alhydri Gpo
New Karachi 75850 Alhydri Gpo
Orangi Town 75800 Alhydri Gpo
Karachi City G.P.O. 74000 Karachi City Gpo
Karachi Habib Bank 75650 Karachi City Gpo
Lyari 75660 Karachi City Gpo
Mauripur Af 75750 Karachi City Gpo
Mauripur Ce 75780 Karachi City Gpo
Sher Shah Colony 75730 Karachi City Gpo
Clifton 75600 Karachi Gpo
Karachi G.P.O. 74200 Karachi Gpo
Karachi Governor House 75580 Karachi Gpo
Karachi Hotel Metropole 75520 Karachi Gpo
Kemari 75620 Karachi Gpo
Manora 75640 Karachi Gpo
Karachi Cantt. 75530 Karachi Saddar Gpo
Defence Housing Society 75500 Karachi Saddar Gpo
Karachi J.P.M.C 75510 Karachi Saddar Gpo
Karachi Saddar G.P.O. 74400 Karachi Saddar Gpo
Karachi Federal B Area 75950 New Town Gpo
Karachi Gulistan-E-Jouhar (Kp-2023) 75290 New Town Gpo
Karachi Gulshan-E-Iqbal 75300 New Town Gpo
Karachi Gulshan-E-Jamal 75260 New Town Gpo
Karachi Gulzar-E-Hijri 75330 New Town Gpo
Karachi Mosamiat Chowrangi 75280 New Town Gpo
Karachi New Sabzi Mandi 75340 New Town Gpo
Karachi Nishtar Road 75550 New Town Gpo
Karachi P.E.C.H.S Bi-2 75400 New Town Gpo
Shahra-E-Faisal 75350 New Town Gpo
Karachi University 75270 New Town Gpo
Mehmoodabad 75460 New Town Gpo



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