A Brief Guide to Sialkot Post Office and Sialkot Postal Code

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A Brief Guide to Sialkot Post Office and Sialkot Postal Code


A Brief Guide to Sialkot Post Office and Sialkot Postal Code Did you know the Sialkot Postal Code? If no, then you have to just read the full article to know all about the Sialkot city and Postal Code of Sialkot or Sialkot Zip Code.

A Brief Guide to Sialkot Post Office and Sialkot Postal Code

Introduction to Sialkot City

Sialkot is undoubtedly a beautiful town in Punjab, Pakistan. It’s the second-largest city in Sialkot District, in Punjab province. It’s located in north-western Punjab within the boundaries of Rajasthan. It shares a close border with India and China.

The olden name of the town was Beneshwarh; it was earlier known as Bairat and later Urdu words. This town was incorporated into Pakistan after the partition and now has its own postal codes. Many old maps of this region show this place as Beneshwarh. The roads and railways stations of the area are also well signposted.

Sialkot lies on the left bank of river Yamuna. The exact postal code for this town can be obtained from the Postmaster General. This town has a major copper mining facility at Chhaparwara. Chhaparwara is one of the largest and mature copper deposits in the world. The railway station, Chhaparwara-Loh, and Saryan-Chaparwara trains run through this area.

Visiting Places in Sialkot

There are many places in and around Sialkot that are worth visiting; you can find many tea gardens, fruit and vegetable markets, flower shows, and various cultural activities and events at this very charming town. The post office delivery in Sialkot Punjab is valid only from within that area. Therefore, you should obtain the post office delivery data in this area before you proceed to the post office in Sialkot.

After obtaining the correct Sialkot postal code, you can check with the post office to confirm the mailing address and location of the post office. Most of the reputed and established reputed mail services in India have their own websites, which you can visit to obtain any necessary information or details about their services.

You may also be able to obtain the same from the office. Many of these websites also have maps and directions which specify the various places of Sialkot. Many of the hotels in Sialkot are located along the banks of the river. These hotels are called “Wala Bhavo” (houses of good cheer). These are small and inexpensive accommodations but full of authentic Indian ambiance. There are various restaurants along the main street of the town, serving excellent food. Some of them even boast of restaurants, bars, and lounge sections that offer music, dance, and conversation.

Network of Stores

There is a wide network of stores selling all kinds of goods. These include wholesale clothing shops, local jewelry shops and boutiques, fruit and vegetable shops, flower shops, meat, and seafood shops, textile and apparel manufacturers, departmental stores, banks, ATMs, bus and train stations, etc.

The Cantt area is serviced by a number of buses, rail lines, and train stations. Taxis also ply here regularly. So, there is no question of finding transport to and from anywhere in Sialkot.

Wide Variety of Hotels

Sialkot has a wide variety of hotels ranging from star luxury 5-star hotels to the economical hotel and budget-oriented hotels. There are also plush houses and apartments to stay in. The hotel area has many well-established and popular restaurants serving excellent cuisine and international cuisines.

There are many shopping malls and markets in and around the town to cater to the shoppers’ immediate needs. As the postal codes for this area are different, you will need to check with the post office to get the correct address for lodging purposes in Sialkot.

Best Way to Approach Sialkot City

For those traveling from other parts of Pakistan, the best way to approach this city would be to use the services of a professional tour operator who has experience in delivering visitors to the town in and around this postal code. An experienced operator can arrange to pick up and drop off points at various places along the highway. Once you reach the town, the operator will help you find accommodations in Sialkot that are within easy reach of important places like bus stops and petrol pump stops.

Since the operators have knowledge about where to find accommodation, it makes life much simpler, and you can enjoy more in the visit to Sialkot than if you had actually gone looking for it on your own. While in Sialkot, you can easily make a purchase from any of the two famous shopping malls Karamana and the Mall of Sialkot. Or you can shop from the wide collection of small shops and stalls lining the main road.

Sialkot is also home to some of the finest bed and breakfast accommodation options in Pakistan, so it comes as no surprise that people from all over the country and abroad make regular trips to Sialkot to visit their favorite bed and breakfast.

Postal Code of Sialkot

Many people search about this query “Sialkot Postal Code“, “Sialkot Zip Code” and “Postal Code of Sialkot” on Google to find the Postal Code of Sialkot. So here we are sharing Sialkot Postal Code which is given below.

Sialkot Postal code Details

Postal Zip Codes 22161
Post Office Name Sialkot
Address Level1 NWFP Peshawar

List of Nearby Post Offices

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 ZIP Code Chamyali  Postal code 22160
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 ZIP Code Sialkot  Postal code 22161
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 ZIP Code Chak 5/3-L  Postal code 35081
 ZIP Code Douloand  Postal code 35081
 ZIP Code Dull  Postal code 35081
 ZIP Code Garh Maha Raja  Postal code 35080
 ZIP Code Jai Wan  Postal code 35081
 ZIP Code Kasso Ana  Postal code 35081
 ZIP Code Mad Rajbana  Postal code 35081
 ZIP Code Mehdi Abad  Postal code 35081
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