Trace Mobile Number In Pakistan With Name

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Trace Mobile Number In Pakistan With Name – How to Trace Mobile Number in Pakistan?


Is anyone annoying you using a mobile phone? Don’t worry about that because this post will teach you how to Trace your Mobile Numbers in Pakistan With a Name. Tracing mobile numbers of people from all parts of the world is very beneficial when unknown strangers are annoying you. In any emergency or odd situation, you can easily track down your family members far away from your area.

Trace Mobile Number In Pakistan With Name

You can find the details of any phone number, such as name, age, location, marital status etc. But remember, you should be taking it legally. Different online service providers are offering to trace mobile numbers in Pakistan with names in case of emergency.

It helps to trace mobile numbers in Pakistan with the names of people. It tells the full name of the owner of the phone number and his location. You enter the phone number in the search bar and click the trace mobile number button.

These services offer a lot of information about the mobile phone owner. One can even get the exact location of his current location. You can even check if he is a prank caller or not. The information on his phone bill, mobile number locations, service provider and other additional data related to him can be found through this service.

With the help of this easy-to-operate and easy-to-understand website, you can easily trace a mobile number. There are a few options provided to you while you perform a trace.

Methods to Track Mobile Numbers in Pakistan

If anyone is annoying you and you want to track or block him, you should adopt the following methods.

1.    Contact the  Relevant Govt Department

If anyone is annoying you on the mobile number and you have no other option to do something, you must contact relevant Govt Departments like PTA or Cyber Crime Unit for helping purposes.

2.    Block Mobile Numbers in Pakistan Through Network Service Provider

Almost all the networks provide services to block the mobile number in Pakistan of any user who is annoying you through SMS or Call. You can dial the following codes to secure any mobile number for different service providers. For Call and SMS block, use the following method:


To stop unwanted calls and SMS, dial *420# from your mobile.

Price: Rs 4.48 Per Week, including Tax


To block unwanted calls and SMS, dial *420# from your mobile.

Price: Rs 15 Per Month, including Tax


 To block unwanted calls and SMS, dial *420# from your mobile.

Price: Rs 20 Per Month, including Tax

Mobilink/ Jazz:

 To block unwanted calls and SMS, dial *420# from your mobile.

Price: Rs 0.99 Per Day, including Tax


To block unwanted calls and SMS, dial *420# from your mobile.

Price: Rs 0.99 Per Day, including Tax

3.    Block your Mobile Number by Using Your Mobile

Many mobile phone manufacturing companies have built-in options to block any Mobile Number by using their features.

4.    Use 3rd Party Websites

Many people are using the Internet as a source to find out a person’s location. For this purpose, they use free websites which are present on the Internet. You must type the phone number in the search box and click the search button. All the information about the owner of that number will appear in the next few minutes.

Even though this method is one of the simplest ways to trace mobile number locations free online, it does not provide accurate and updated results.

What Will You Get?

The information you get by tracing a mobile number includes the name and complete address of the person. In addition, you will also find the Name, Father’s Name, Area and ID Card Number. Some websites also offer a full-year membership plan, enabling you to look up more than ten mobile numbers for a whole year. This option is quite expensive, but it allows you to simultaneously trace mobile numbers from any part of the world.

Trace Jazz Mobile Number in Pakistan

Are you looking to Trace Jazz Mobile Numbers in Pakistan? If you are, then do not waste time. I have been where you are at. A few months back, I had to trace one mobile number of mine that had been calling my partner’s phone. I could not understand who the call was from, and I wanted to get to the bottom of this situation as soon as possible.

It was difficult to trace the Mobilink mobile number in Pakistan because it was a cellular service provider. There are minimal mobile service providers and the government. Only telecommunication companies and government-run mobile service providers. So, it was challenging to trace the Mobilink mobile number in Pakistan.

In this section, you will learn how to trace a Jazz mobile number in Pakistan. It is not as easy as it sounds because you need to have the right kind of information. It would help if you had the mobile service provider’s name and billing address. In other words, you need to provide the correct billing address and the corresponding service network name.

Some mobile operators in Pakistan and many other countries do not provide a corresponding service network name. Now, let us trace this mobile number. All that you need to do is to visit a mobile phone tracker provider’s website. There are numerous websites on the Internet, and most offer free services. After that, log on to these websites. Once you have entered the appropriate information, click the search button.

Once you have done so, a complete profile of the mobile caller will be displayed on your screen. You can view the details for the call’s current location or the ring’s previous site. You may need to pay a nominal charge for the information if you wish to track the person’s calling location.

By Using Telephone Lookup Database Services

Using a telephone lookup database service, you can easily trace mobile numbers in Pakistan with names. These services are available online, and most telecommunication companies provide such a facility but at a price.

Many websites offer access to private telephone numbers and lookup services at no cost for those who cannot afford to pay for such a large amount. These websites allow you to access detailed information on every mobile number location in the country.

Using the information provided by these websites, you will find the name of the person calling, their current location and the network providers they are using. You can also find out if they use paid or unlisted directories to make international or domestic calls. It is essential because it allows you to identify scams and prank callers.

You can use the information to report these people to the proper authorities. However, the system of tracking mobile numbers in Pakistan is not foolproof. The plan is open to misuse because telecommunication companies do not update their records frequently. This makes it extremely difficult to trace mobile number locations.

However, suppose you have an anonymous sim card or an unlocked mobile phone. In that case, you can easily use a reliable and established online mobile phone tracing site to trace your mobile number in Pakistan.

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Trace Telenor Mobile Number in Pakistan

Are you looking to trace Telenor’s mobile numbers in Pakistan? You will find it challenging to trace Telenor’s Mobile Number in Pakistan. The telecommunication laws in Pakistan are very stringent. They have blocked many telecommunication companies from selling their mobile phones and cellular phone SIM cards in Pakistan.

You will be disappointed that no other leading SIM card provider in Pakistan offers you this option. Therefore, without prior notice, you will not be able to get the desired mobile phone SIM cards or mobile phone. You need to use a convenient online directory service to overcome this problem. However, you must know that most of these online services charge you for accessing the detailed report on any particular mobile number.

If you can find the mobile number in your local directory, you can use the local network service to get the detailed report. You can use any mobile number tracker to track down the owner details of the mobile number. Tracing Telenor Mobile Number in Pakistan is effortless if you use a suitable directory service. Several directories in Pakistan can help you easily trace the owner information of any cell phone or mobile phone number.

You will find many websites offering mobile number reverse lookups when you search online. However, many of these websites do not provide accurate and complete information. Hence, they charge you for accessing their website. Thus, to trace Telenor’s mobile numbers in Pakistan, you must pay the required charges to the relevant websites. You can easily trace the details of the person who owns that mobile number.

This trace works as a perfect tool that can help you find the complete name, residential address, current location and other details about the owner of the mobile tracker. All you have to do is to enter the desired digits into any reliable mobile tracker website. The results will be on your screen almost instantly.

You need to select the desired mobile number in the search box, and you can get the complete information within seconds. Some websites also offer a free trial that enables you to track the desired information. Suppose you wish to trace a particular number by simply entering its code. You can also use a leading telecommunication service provider to locate the correct caller’s contact information.

Most of the time, most of the time you may not get the required information. It is because the carriers do not maintain a database of their own. Therefore, the calls may not be recorded in the carrier’s database. But the caller details would remain in the system of the service network you are using to trace the number.

Paid Services

It is better to opt for a paid service to get detailed owner information of a mobile number to avoid confusion. The charges are affordable, and you can easily trace a desired mobile number. A few companies also provide the option of tracing free of cost. But the result of such free services is unreliable as the mobile number details are entirely blank, and the owner information of the mobile is never known.

Using the Internet to trace mobile numbers in Pakistan is the most common means of doing so. Various websites of various providers are present online and offer a range of tracking services for a fixed price. Suppose you are looking for a cost-effective way to locate the owner information of a mobile number. In that case, you should opt for a hosted reverse lookup directory from an authentic service provider.

You should choose a site that offers the best quality and unlimited tracking facility for a nominal subscription fee. Moreover, ensure that the site has a one-click checkout system for safe payment and a secure server for your data.

With a one-click payment facility, the user can track down the owner of the mobile number. The user may be able to get the full name and complete address of the caller. The caller’s details will appear on the screen minutes after clicking the ‘Trace Telenor’ button.

Trace Zong Mobile Number in Pakistan

It is common to have a question about tracing Zong’s mobile numbers in Pakistan. This can be compared with the regular mobile number search. There are two reasons for the prevalence of this search; one is that it is possible to trace the owners of landline numbers. The other reason is that some people misplace their mobile or phone book cards. In such cases, it becomes essential to get their owners’ numbers.

Several online companies provide this facility to trace a Zong mobile number to its users. However, not every company offers you all the information you are looking for. Sometimes it may not be possible to get the full name and the residential address of the owner of a mobile number. Such information is usually listed as unlisted and is not accessible by the general public.

You can also find out if a person uses his mobile phone number to place calls to any known business. The number of people who use their home phone numbers to place calls to locations outside the United Kingdom is very high. You can find the business details along with the business owners’ residential addresses. These services are available for both mobile and regular phone numbers. Many other phone number directories on the Internet are similar to the reverse phone number directories.

Many of these directories help you trace Zong’s mobile number online. However, the charges involved in such a process are high. You must spend money on reverse search directories to trace a number online. These phone number directories are provided free of cost. However, you will not be able to find any information about the owner of the mobile.

The paid phone number lookup directories provide information about the owner of the phone number. It will give the full name of the owner of the phone number and the current and previous addresses. The paid reverse phone number directories usually charge the customer based on the number searched. You will have to pay a certain amount of money when you wish to make a lookup on a mobile number.

Different packages available on the Internet can help you trace the Zong number. In some packages, you get complete details about the phone owner and the address. In some packages, the details about the mobile number owner are only available for a limited period. The information in the boxes includes the identity of the phone owner, his residential address, the location of his residence, the name of his cellular carrier, his occupation and many more details.

You can trace Zong’s mobile number by entering the unknown caller’s phone digits into the directory’s search box. The site will provide you with all the details about the owner of the number and the address of his current place.

If you want to trace a particular mobile number, you can search for residential, business and toll-free numbers. These services can help you find out the location of the unknown caller. There are different kinds of paid directories available online; you can choose the one that suits your needs and provides you with the information you need.

When you trace Zong’s mobile number in Pakistan, you know that this is not the ordinary number you get in your missed calls. You can also learn who is calling you and the address as well. It helps you stop the harassing phone calls from people and stop your children from being harassed by their classmates.

You can track the person behind these threatening calls by using these services online. The reverse phone directory provides you with the person’s name and the address of the location where the person resides.

Trace Ufone Mobile Number in Pakistan

Many people who want to know how to trace Ufone mobile number in Pakistan ask this question because they do not understand how it works. But there is no need to worry because it is straightforward to see the procedure for tracing mobile numbers in Pakistan with names on the Internet.

Before, people used to go to the local telephone directories to trace a Ufone mobile number, but that was quite difficult and time-consuming. It would be best if you came to the office of the local phone book to find all the details about a mobile number. Now, all you need is to sit at your home and access the World Wide Web from anywhere in the world. You need to surf the Internet and find the various available websites.

Once you have found out about websites offering Ufone mobile tracking services, you need to register as a member. After that, you can log in and trace the caller information of your choice from Pakistan. You will not have to pay any charges for this service.

To begin with, you will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself. You will also be asked to provide the complete network operator’s name. Once all theessentialc information is submitted, you will be directed towards a registration form. You will be asked to enter your name, email ID, and cell number.

Once you have entered all the required details, you can proceed further to register. There is no fee for this trace mobile number detail from Pakistan. However, some websites charge a small amount to get the complete information of a caller. It is quite nominal compared to the amount you would have to spend to look for the caller in Ufone or any other leading wireless network provider.

If you opt for this option, you will find the caller’s complete name, complete address, carrier details, age, occupation and gender. Now that you know who the caller is, you need to go to the corresponding service network and place your order. It will cost you a certain amount. However, the service provider you are using should be a known one.

To ensure that you do not fall into the wrong hands and get into false controversies, it is better to use only popular mobile sim-free phone directories like the ones maintained by Google. An online mobile number tracker is much more effective than a conventional landline phone search. The mobile number tracker enables you to trace Ufone mobile number or any other leading mobile network easily and quickly.

Unlike conventional search engines, these directories do not require you to place any form on their website. These directories ask for your basic information, including your area code. Once you fill up your required data, the guides will forward your request to the respective network providing you with a detailed report.

You can even get hold of your Pakistan mobile number as many as 50 times faster using any renowned mobile number tracker site. A reverse mobile lookup directory can help you find the unknown or call-back calls made to your phone. You can also trace Ufone mobile number or any other network service easily and quickly, as you can access complete details about any particular mobile number.

There are several reasons behind the popularity of mobile tracking services. The foremost reason is that people do not want to keep records of all the calls they receive and make; therefore, they do not store all telephone numbers in their phone books.

Secondly, people do not want to lose or misplace their mobile phone numbers as they may be stolen or misplaced at any time. A reverse telephone numbers search is the best way to find or track down any specific mobile or telephone numbers or unlisted phone numbers in Pakistan.

Discover SIM Owner Information by Sending an SMS

To check any organization’s mobile sim data indicated by PTA, which currently supplements your versatile, send a clear SMS to the shortcode 668. Any organization has a similar code to check the sim data framework.

  1. Jazz: Send clear SMS to 668
  2. Warid: Send clear SMS to 668
  3. Ufone: Send clear SMS to 668
  4. Zong: Send clear SMS to 668
  5. Telenor: Send clear SMS to 668

Tips and Tricks to Trace Mobile Numbers in Pakistan With Name?

Finally, I am sharing a file where you can explore some websites to trace mobile numbers in Pakistan with names.

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