Punjab Govt Lifts Hiring Ban Thousands of Jobs Announced

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Punjab Govt Lifts Hiring Ban Thousands of Jobs Announced

Punjab Govt Lifts Hiring Ban Thousands of Jobs Announced the Chief Minister of Punjab, Chaudry Pervaiz Elahi, has finally given the instruction to relax the ban on new hiring in a variety of ministries located throughout the Province. There will be around 30,000 new job openings announced throughout the various ministries of the Punjab Government.

Punjab Govt Lifts Hiring Ban Thousands of Jobs Announced

Several months ago, shortly before Chaudry Pervaiz Elahi took the oath of office as Chief Minister, he made an announcement that all new recruitments, except those that are notified through the Punjab Public Service Commission, would be prohibited. On the 29th of July 2022, the Government of Punjab was notified to end all new recruitments in the state of Punjab.

A description of the proposal to hire 16000 educators was submitted to the CM Office for approval last month after it was announced that the position would be filled. Because there was a stop put on all recruitments, the summary had to be approved before it could be released.

Now that the government has indicated that the prohibition will be lifted, it is anticipated that CM will sign the summary soon. The job openings for educators will be publicised in the local newspaper.

It was announced via Twitter by the Minister of Education for the Province, Murad Ras, who also stated that he was grateful for the opportunity to open up new doors of opportunity for the younger generation.

Candidates will be hired for Grades Base Pay Scales (BPS) 01 through 05 by a variety of departments and projects, however recruitments for Grades Base Pay Scales 06 and higher will require permission from a subcommittee.

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On July 27, 2022, Chaudry Pervaiz Elahi took the oath to become Chief Minister. He was elected as the Chief Minister of the Punjab Assembly for the 19th time. The Provincial Assembly of Punjab members vote on who would serve as Chief Minister of Punjab.

Strong allies of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf, Chuardy Pervaiz Elahi, are members of the Pakistan Muslim League (Q). In addition, Chaudry Pervaiz Elahi was a CM from the 29th of November 2022 till the 18th of November 2007.

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