How to Get a Personal Loan for Bad Credit

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How to Get a Personal Loan for Bad Credit

To obtain a personal loan with negative credit, follow these steps:

How to Get a Personal Loan for Bad Credit

1. Verify your credit

Correcting mistakes on your report before applying can increase your eligibility. Your credit reports are available for free download at or NerdWallet.

2. Examine your spending plan

Determine how much you can easily afford to pay towards a personal loan each month by looking at your monthly income and spending.

3. Get pre-approved by several lenders

You can preview possible loan rates, amounts, repayment terms, and monthly payments by pre-qualifying online with several lenders. A soft credit pull is required for pre-qualification, but it has no impact on your score.

4. Fill out an application

After you’ve chosen the best lender, gather supporting documentation such as bank statements, an official ID from the government, and evidence of income and job. Although most lenders offer online applications for personal loans, you may need to apply in person at your neighbourhood bank or credit union. When you apply, the lender will run a rigorous credit check, which will temporarily lower your score. A decision should be made in a few days.

5. Adjust your budget to include the additional loan payment.

Paying back loans on schedule might improve your credit. In order to prevent missing a payment, include loan instalments in your monthly budget and set up autopay.

Additional advice for obtaining a loan with bad credit

Add up all of your earnings. For your application to be approved, you must demonstrate to the lender that you have sufficient money to cover the payments, so be sure to list all of your sources of income.

Just ask for what you actually need. Although requesting a smaller loan won’t ensure acceptance, a lender may view your request as riskier if it is greater. It helps both you and the lender if you ask for a loan amount that you can afford to repay.

Where to apply for a bad credit personal loan

Internet lenders: Online lenders cater exclusively to clients with poor credit by offering personal loans. Even though your income and credit score are still important considerations when making a loan decision, some lenders may take into account other information to qualify you.

Credit unions: Credit unions may take into account your membership history in addition to standard data like income and credit. Even with a low credit score, a credit union member in good standing may be able to get approved for a personal loan.

Types of loans for people with poor credit

Unprotected personal loan

Collateral is not required for an unsecured loan. Rather, a lender uses information such as your salary, cash flow, and credit score to decide if you qualify.

When to apply for an unsecured loan:

To undertake home renovations, big purchases, and debt consolidation.

If your rate is low.

Secured loan for personal use

To borrow money on a secured loan, you must pledge collateral, which is typically a car or bank account.

Utilising a secured loan when

In comparison to an unsecured loan, the rate is lower.

Collateral pledges are risk-worthy.

  • Co-signed personal loan
  • Someone must attest to your ability to repay a loan that you co-signed.

Use of a co-signed loan when:

  • Compared to not having a co-signer, the rate is lower.
  • The co-signer is aware of the danger.

Combined personal loan

A joint loan is one that you take out with someone else; that individual has access to the money and is also responsible for payments.

When to employ a combined loan:

  • When a co-borrower is not present, the rate is lower.
  • The co-borrower and you must have equal access to the funds.

Bad credit home equity financing

You can take out loans against the equity in your house through home equity loans and credit lines. You run the risk of losing your house if you don’t make payments because they’re secured by it.

When to apply for a home equity loan or HELOC:

  • For repairs and renovations around the house.
  • You can borrow against enough equity.

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