Govt Announced 20000 Scholarships For Graduates For Unemployed

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Govt Announced 20000 Scholarships For Graduates For Unemployed

Govt Announced 20000 Scholarships For Graduates For Unemployed in the capital city of Islamabad, the federal minister for planning, development, and special initiatives, Ahsan Iqbal, announced that the government has decided to give 20,000 scholarships to the graduates of the country who are currently without jobs.

Govt Announced 20000 Scholarships For Graduates For Unemployed

He remarked while he was speaking in Islamabad at a meeting that was held internationally to discuss the development of higher education and the workforce.

20,000 Scholarships Awarded to Unemployed Graduates

He said that the federal government was dedicated to providing access to education for the economically disadvantaged class by stating, “The government has decided to grant 20,000 scholarships to unemployed graduates.”

Additionally, according to Ahsan Iqbal, as part of the Youth Development Initiatives (YDI), a programme just recently initiated by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, scholarships would be given to students coming from more rural areas of the country. The summit was attended by several dignitaries, including the United States Ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome, Dr Keith Grover, Chairman of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), and other dignitaries.

Scholarship opportunities available at institutions in China

Previously, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) had made available fully funded scholarships for students to pursue their education in China at one of China’s universities located in other countries. According to the information provided by the Higher Education Commission, December 15, 2022, will mark the end of the application period for scholarships offered by Chinese educational institutions.

Students from Azad Jammu & Kashmir, as well as Pakistan, are encouraged to apply to study and conduct research in a wide range of fields at some of the most prestigious universities in China.

How to Make an Application for Financial Aid

On Thursday, December 15, 2022, the cutoff date for submitting an online application under the heading “Learning Opportunities Abroad” on the HEC portal will have passed.

The China Scholarship Council’s application portal can be accessed by going to and submitting an online application under category A (agency No. 5861).

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